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With more than 50,000 customers, GoToWebinar is the solution of choice for millions of webinars every year.

Easier Online Events

GoToWebinar erases the hassle from webinars. No matter your goal or skill level, you’ll quickly see why so many love GoToWebinar. Go from preparing a webinar to presenting in fewer steps – and have a lot of fun along the way.

Event Setup

Flexible scheduling options and webinar templates make event planning quick and easy on any device.


Invite attendees and kick back. Your registrants will automatically receive reminder emails with instant-join links.


Use videos, polls, Q&A and other interactive features to get people interested and keep them hooked.


Get instant insights on webinar registrants and attendee behavior, as well as the overall webinar performance.

Video Library

Record unlimited webinars and easily share them with your customized video library link.


Manage your events, registrant data and communications from your marketing automation or CRM solution.

Products available under the Emergency Remote Work Kit:

Additional products available from the LogMeIn portfolio to help you work remotely:


A cloud-based PBX phone system that combines traditional PBX hardware and service into a single hosted solution. It offers all the advanced features of an enterprise PBX system with over 100 features across phone, video, text and chat.

  • Custom Schedules: Custom schedules come standard with GoToConnect, allowing users to configure time-based call routing for open/closed business hours, holidays and special events.
  • Visual Dial Plan Editor: Make real-time changes and map out call flows with wait times, auto attendants, voicemail boxes, sound clips and schedules through our visual Dial Plan Editor.
  • Detailed Call Analytics: Better track your business calls to optimise your resources, training and scheduling with customisable analytics and call reports.

GoToConnect Mobile: The GoToConnect app for iOS and Android lets you talk, text or chat on your
mobile device using your business number.
GoToConnect Desktop: Easily access your corporate directory, see your contacts’ availability and
reach out to them via voice, video or chat.
GoToConnect Web: Place web-based calls, host online meetings, check your contacts’ availability
and send text messages using your web browser.
GoToConnect Cloud: Our service delivery platform runs through datacentres worldwide.


Fast, reliable online meeting solution. enables you to meet in groups or 1:1 facilitating collaboration across the globe. It has features such as best –in-class screensharing, HD webcam sharing, AI enabled transcripts and reliable audio.

GoToMeeting provides you with all the tools you need to run effective and productive meetings remotely.

  • Continue to do business as usual just remotely
  • Collaborate with your colleagues as you would in person over GoToMeeting
  • Increase productivity by reducing the need for in person meetings

An all-new out-of-the-box conference room solution that makes it simple to modernize the office with the latest video collaboration technology. GoToRoom offers a one-stop-shop by bundling state-of-the-art hardware with professional, user-friendly video conferencing software.

Gone are the days of cobbling together make-shift meeting spaces. GoToRoom has everything you need in one simple kit.

Key benefits:

For your administrators:

  • 15-minute room setup
  • Simplified provisioning
  • Organized management

For your organization:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Crystal-clear audio & video
  • Rapid & predictable logistics
  • Cost-effective bundle
  • Streamlined join experience
  • Calendar integration

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